Nobody cares

Why do the refugees try go to Europe?

Aylan Kurdi laughing

Perhaps, that is not the main question.  The main question is “why are they refugees ?”

They are refugees because NOBODY CARES .

Nobody cares what happen in Syria, atrocities against people because “someone” thinks that they can create a “caliphate” .

Nobody cares that such people can make attrocities against people because they think they are some sort of “Alah messangers” or “Alah warriors” .

Nobody cares if the only solution is run away from own home and lives and leave to try live in another strange country.

Nobody cares if that refugees want go to Europe because they are desesperate, trying to run away from that “Islamic State” .

Nobody cares if there are mothers, fathers and children running and trying to go to a place to live without such kind of attrocity.

Nobody cares if a face can be found in the sand . A kid’s face, without life, dreams or laughs.

Nobody cares because world think that my life worths less than a life of a Wall Street black suit person.

What else if that kid ‘ country has a lot of oil ? What else if that kid ‘ country has a lot of money ?

What else if that kid ‘ country people has a lot of person that achieve Nobel Prize ?

What else if you care about what happen there ?

As a Christian, I can not be passive with such image . A image with a kid dead , in a beach. Beaches are for children have fun, not to die. But the main question is WHY does that kid die ?

Unfortunely I know the answer: nobody cares!

The boy Aylan Kurdi

The boy Aylan Kurdi

If Aylan Kurdi’s father was a CEO of a big company, world would care. If his name was “something” Soros, world would care. But, unfortunely, Aylan Kurdi was just a simple kid from a simple family, from a region of the world without money, without resources, without oil , without nothing that worth .

The main nations do not want to came over that stupid Islamic State because , unfortunely, those  that are in backwards of that “state” are cowards . If USA, UK , Europe or someone else wants to kill to them , they start terrorrist attacks, not against soldiers, but against common people.

Those cowards are responsible for that face in the sand . Those cowards are responsible for Christians crucified or decapitated .

But nobody cares with THOSE cowards ….

All that I can do is pray. Pray for those that are tring to looking for a better place to live , without fear, war or some stupid dictator ordering stupid things in the name of such kind of god (yes with small “g”).

I invite you to pray for some solution for these refugees and also for the Christian people that live in the area where Islamic State is attacking and spread fear .

Do you care ?

(below you can see several sources of information)

Do not forget !

Officer take notes before pick the dead boy body.

Officer take notes before pick the dead boy body.

Christians crucified by Islamic State

Christians crucified by Islamic State


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Christians crucified by Islamic State


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2 respostas para Nobody cares

  1. The world does not care indeed, but the main responsability falls on their government that put its own people to such situation, they should go to trial for it, the nations of the world should be able to judge and depose such leaders, for what they do is genocide.


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