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I saw  the picture below  in Linkedin about Jobs and Ritchie  and it made me think and write.


(you also can read on Linkedin :

For those that maybe does not know them, let me clarify.

Steve Jobs, together with Wozniak, founded Apple. He did not graduate. He was some kind of visionary, but also, he was a sort of designer or dreamer. He thought and designed several products that we have today, for instance: Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Macintosh, Macbook, inclunding the MacOs and IOs.

Dennis Ritchie was the creator of C Program Language and Unix Operating System with Ken Thompson.  He was a Mathematician from Harvard and worked for Bell Labs and Lucent and won Turing Award.

They both died on 2011.

My comments:

Unfortunely, we live in a planet that marketing and media is the thing that make you know to everybody.

Despict the fact that I really honor Ritchie by Unix and C, he worked inside companies (Bell and Lucent) and he worked much more like an academic person. He was brilhant computer scientist.

On the other side, Jobs was an entrepreneur and (with Wozniak), he built a company. In my point of view, Jobs create things in his mind and them push teams to make that “mind things” in something real, including technology for this. I know that sometimes he was very despotic (almost agressive). He was very creative on design and also to sell. I think that he stole some ideas, but if you really read about important people you read that several of the really stole or make changes on another people idea.

For me and I assume that several people in Computers area, both men are very important personas for the tech and computer society. However, Jobs had a different role than Ritchie and that ‘s why media (perhaps) covered more Jobs death than Ritchie’s.

If we ask people about Jobs, maybe a children knows it, but perhaps some of Computer Science,Computation Engineerings or System Analysts and programmers (even those that program C) do not know anything about Ritchie.
By the way, I think that some phrases are not correct about Jobs on the 1st picture. Without Jobs, perhaps we would’tt have “smartphones”. With the IPad, several companies start to create smartphones to compete against Apple.

Cheap computers and most important, cheap software  are due “open source” and some “free software”; without this “culture”,we would continue as hostages of big and huge companies.  We have to recall that few years ago, we would have to pay for any software that we want. Even for the MS Office, people have to pay for it because they do not know or they refuse to use other similar office package, as LibreOffice and OpenOffice. However, without there “open” or “free” Office package, we would have to pay a lot for a simple office package. So, overpriced computer or software does not came from Jobs. Also, cheap hardware come from Asia (China inclusive) . He “computer world” did not find Asia workers to build machines, we would pay expensive computer hardware.

Unfortunely, due the “media boom” of Jobs death, Ritchie death was almost not covered, but perhaps was not only media. Perhaps, several people never heard something about Ritchie, even those that still run C programs in their computers.

Please, share your thought and put a comment . I really like comments about this text . And share. You can use buttons below. I much appreciate. 

Some links :

Steve Jobs

Dennis Ritchie Wikipedia







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