Phelps, an ordinary man

Phelps is the most extraordinary athlete that I have opportunity to see on Olympics or another series and competitions. I did not have the opportunity to see Spitz, another great one too, but Phelps really is superb.

However, we (ordinary people) sometimes we see an atlete inside the pool and he is the SuperMan (or AguaMan I suppose), no issues, fame, success, money, women, etc etc etc…things that any ordinary man can dream about.

Outside of the water though is just like an ordinary man. Dramas, pains, bad memories and sometimes without any selfestim. Depression does not mind if you is a great athlete or an ordinary person.

I recall the day news proclaim that Phelps was in trouble with drugs. However, as an simple ordinary person, I really do not think that such great guy and athlete would not continue use drugs. And more than this, I really do not think that such drugs could be some sort of way to run away from dramas and “inside ghosts”. But, unfortunely, I was

very wrong and that medalist had a few.

He was in that situations that there are no hope. He, the greatest, was in the botton, deep and deep, loosing the fight against his own ghosts and without self esteem.

Phelps, as we are, is ordinary. Pain, life dramas, and things not managed properly can put you in a right way to kill yourself. And almost Phelps did, believe you or not.

But than, Phelps was presented to a simple Nazaren carpenter, as any other ordinary man could. The Nazaren changed his life. Someday, Phelps meet Jesus Christ. Crazy, no!! No, my dear reader, it is not crazy. It is just a new born in Jesus Christ. An amazing experience to any ordinary person, including mister Phelps.

This experience makes you, as did with Phelps, change you from ordinary to extraordinary, just because you will feel peace and assurance that your life makes sense and you, an ordinary person as I am, is really important to God.

Phelps started a new way of life: rehab, new focus, wife and a child.
And, now, we have an big opportunity to see (or watch) Phelps during what he is extraordinary: swimming. But, now, with a new life and with purpose.

I invite you to be extraordinary! If you need know it, ask me. You can use the Twitter or send an email using the buttons below this text. I will be glad to help you.

More details about Phelps change of life, you can read After Nearly Dying, Michael Phelps Admits The Secret That Saved His Life And Made Him Swim Again.

And now you know that Phelps is as ordinary as we are. However, we are extraordinary to God. We are so so so extraordinary that God sent His son to dead for me and you .

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
John 3.16-17

God bless you.


Sobre Abimael Jr

Cristão evangélico pentecostal, membro e presbítero da igreja Assembléia de Deus. Doutorando em Engenharia Mecânica. Tentando falar um pouco sobre Deus, Jesus Cristo e nossa vida cristã diária. Mas também falando de vários outros assuntos como Tecnologia, Política, Sociedade, Cidadania, Sexo, Tabus e até do tempo (será que vai chover hoje?).
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  1. Great article. Keep pushing fellow!

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