Sunday Bible School

My intention here is provide comments about lessons for the Sunday Bible School on church I serve – Assembleia de Deus (Assembly of God). In this church, we have a class for adults in English. There, we learn about the Bible and we improve English as a second language.
I and some brothers will provide comments and translations based in the lessons provided by the magazine published by CPAD (Assembly of God Publisher House –

Per each quarter of the year, we will study 13 lessons for a specific topic, a lesson per week.

Below you can visualize and download comments and explanations about the lessons.

If you experience issues, please send me an email  with the issue and I will verify and help you.

Please feel free to provide comments and suggestions too.

To God be the glory.

Table of contents

2nd quarter 2013 (2º Trimestre) 2013
3rd quarter 2013 (3º Trimestre) 2013
4th quarter 2013 (4º Trimestre) 2013


4th quarter 2013 (4º trimestre 2013)

Lesson Title
1 The Value of good consels
2 Warnings against adultery
3 Work and Prosperity
5 Caring with what we talk about
6 Personal Example to educate children
7 Opposing arrogancy with humbleness
8 The Virtuous Woman
9 The time for everything
10 Fulfil the obligations before God
11 The impious’ illusory prosperity
12 Cast your bread upon the waters

3rd quarter 2013 (3º trimestre 2013)

Lesson Title
1 Paul and the church in Filipos
2 Hope in the middle of adversity
3 The behavior of the safe in Christ
4 Jesus, the ideal model of humbleness
5 The virtues of the safes in Christ
6 The fidelity of the Lord’s worker
7 The actual of Paul’s advices
8 The supreme aspiration of the believer
9 Confronting the enemies of the Christ’s Cross
10 The joy of the safe in Christ
11 A balanced christian life
12 The reciprocity of the Christian’s love
13 The sacrifice that please God

2º quarter 2013

2º quarter 2013 – Lesson 2 – Biblical Marriage
2º quarter 2013 – Lesson 3 – The Basis of the Christian Marriage
2º quarter 2013 – Lesson 4 – The Family under attack

2º quarter 2013 – Lesson 5 – Conflicts in the Family

2º quarter 2013 – Lesson 7 – The Divorce


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